Monthly Archives: September 2007

roasted goat and a film

Today, I spent part of my day hunting for a goat. Its destination â??barbecue. Before our meeting tomorrow we have a few things to celebrate. One is the motorbike that has been added to our arsenal. Second, and what we had been holding as a surprise, is a short film we had worked on with […]

nothing happening

Things are a bit slow today. Lion Guardians are coming to the camp from their various stations for a meeting. The camp will be overcrowded for the next two days. We have some a surprise for them tomorrow.

Arrival of motorbike!

Today, I am very happy. The good news! I have just received a brand new motorbike to assist me in the job of coordinating the Lion Guardian outfit. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am. Maybe the photo below speaks better. I have waited for this a very long time and I […]

person mauled by hyena

We got a report of a person being attacked by a hyena while bathing at the river during the daytime. Its very unusual to even see a hyena here during the day, let alone be attacked by one. Apparently, the murran was washing after watering his livestock and was cooling his body to trek back […]

meeting with game scout association

Though not a board member of the Amboseli -Tsavo Game scouts Association, I was invited to one of their Annual General Meeting this year. It became clear that the game scouts are really doing a wonderful job. They are not only protecting our wildlife and environment but also curbing cattle rustling, motor vehicle crimes, and […]

lion problems

This week there seems to be lion problems everywhere. After a long period of calm and tranquility, lions have begun harassing herders. As if by cue, they have been causing trouble to the southeast of the group ranch. Two lions were around the same area on Wednesday stalking livestock at night and causing panic among […]

Yesterday, lion guardians Ritei and Melubo reported that two lions had been sighted near some bomas to the southeast of the group ranch. The researchers went and camped there in the hope that they will be able to see them. They set out bait and played sounds all night to attract the lions. By morning, […]

Cats love chicken. You didnâ??t know that! Anyway, cats love the taste of birds. It is just that birds are too alert, agile, and therefore difficult to catch. One of the lions we are tracking, Nosero, was lucky to catch a bird the other day. She caught herself a male ostrich! She tried to eat […]

Tracking Lions

Today, we were tracking lions, and came across this scene. The people in the ranch are very tolerant of wildlife. I think this kind of co-existence with wildlife has been inherited from time immemorial. The Kenya Wildlife Service estimates that 75% of Kenyan wildlife live outside protected areas. We live and work on a piece […]

Anthony Kasanga

Hi everyone! I’m Anthony Kasanga, the coordinator Lion Guardian Program. Lion Guardians is a joint project of the ‘Living with lions’ initiative and the Ol Donyo Wuas Trust, based in Mbirikani Group Ranch in southern Kenya. . Our work, as the name suggests is to harmonize the existence of lions with that of the pastoral […]