Monthly Archives: October 2007

Lion Guardian Koikai gives his October report

Every month we have a meeting of all the lion guardians. Today is the monthly meeting. We have recorded reports from each lion guardian and we will post them over the next few days. Keep reading! Here is Koikai’s report. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”366″ height=”75″ fvars=”file=d189386″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Nosero roaring

Our guests were kind enough to take some video footage while they were here. In this clip you can see Nosero the collared lion roaring. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Visitors in camp

We are having visitors at our camp recently. We had two Masters’ students from Leiden University in the Netherlands (they stayed with us for only one day) and two Doctorate students from the Oxford University, UK. All are researching biologists and the joke going around camp now is that we have enough heads at the […]

Mr Sikempei had been visited by a hyena two consecutive nights but the hyena did not take livestock. He reported to the Guardian (Ritei) who visited the boma and saw that the boma fence had some weak points. Ritei decided to fix them. His passion for the community had surpassed his resting day, to make […]

Lion Guardian Olubi attends a coming-of-age ceremony

The Lion Guardian for Kalesirua zone, to the south west of the group ranch, is Olubi Lairumbe, also known as Meitiaki. Meitiaki was a name he acquired after he killed a lion (Well, that was before he became a lion guardian). Maasai warriors are traditionally given a new name after they have successfully killed a […]

Another photo of Sangale, specially for PK

Our dear dedicated reader PK wants to see more lion photos. Unfortunately we don’t see our lions very often, as they hide in thick bush during the day, to avoid people. Unlike a national park, the place that we work has many families and their livestock living in it. So the lions keep a low […]

Sangale roaring

We posted a clip of Sangale roaring earlier this month, but Paula K wants to hear it again! This time we’ve uploaded it to a player so all you have to do is click play. In actual fact there are two lions roaring in this clip. If you listen closely you will hear them. The […]

Koikai speaks about his work and Sangale the male lion

This is a recording of Lion Guardian Koikai speaking on the 12th of this month. Some technical difficulties have meant that we took a bit of time to get this post up. Koikai is speaking in KiMaasai. Ernest is translating to English. Seamus is asking questions. In this clip Koikai speaks about his work the […]

Migration of wildebeest?

Today the morning was beautiful. To our south and west, there was heavy rain. It is almost as if we had a huge umbrella over our locality, shielding us from rain. Anyway, from all the signs, the rainy season is now here. We are seeing some migrant birds arriving and even the wildebeests seem to […]

found tracks, climbed a big hill to radio-track

Yesterday a visitor to the camp reported that there were some lion tracks, heading out across the plains. Seleka went with the researchers and the visitor to look at the tracks, and then to climb a big hill to radio-track. They did this to check if the lion was collared or not. Seleka the lion […]