Monthly Archives: November 2007

Meeting and Amboseli lions

Yesterday as you saw, we had our usual end of the month meeting. This time round the attendance was a hundred percent. All the Guardians made it to the meeting despite difficult conditions. At this time it is raining in many parts of the Group Ranch. They reported good news from their zones. Although tracking […]

Monthly lion guardian meeting

Today is our mothly meeting, where all the lion guardians come together to discuss what’s happening, and to resolve any problems that might have arisen. Here are a few photos taken of us while we were busy. The view in the first one is what one sees from the front of the dining area in […]

On the hunt for lost livestock

As you may recall from a recent post, many people and their livestock have migrated into the area around our base camp, near the foot of the Chyulu Hills, where the grass is green. With this sudden influx of people we have noticed a local increase in the number of livestock being lost. More often […]

New York Safari!

Well, this is Anthony again. I am back on Kenyan soil! My trip was one great and unforgettable experience. While I enjoyed my stay there, I could not help but miss home. I am very happy to be back home in the bush with cow and goat sounds all around! Interestingly, I am also missing […]

If Superman is so smart, why does he wear his underpants outside his clothes?

In deconstructing yesterday’s debacle, the thought crossed my mind that I was an unmitigated idiot… anyone knows you shouldn’t mess around with clay soils in weather like this. The following photos illustrate quite well just how crazy the morning was before we got to the point where I got us stuck. We’re crossing a river […]

Don’t leave home without your winch

The more faithful or our blogreaders might be wondering why the recent posts have been a bit pedestrian. Well, its raining. When it rains around here, things get muddy. When things get muddy fieldwork gets to be a challenging. And the more timid amongst us stay at home eating pancakes and writing Durrel-esque blogs (thats […]

the non-human members of our camp

Life in camp is always interesting. We share our living space with a number of species, some friendly and some not so…. Maria is usually the first one to spot this member of the camp… it spends its time in trees near the central dining area of the camp (a papyrus and cedar shelter), and […]

soggy research

Yesterday, we went out tracking. It is still raining in this part of the ranch and we worried that we may not be able to track most of the lions. Surprisingly however, by nine in the morning, we had found all the common collared lions in our group ranch. Furthermore, it was still early enough […]

Donations received from Christopher, Amy, Hashi and Peter

We’ve just received word from widlifedirect that you have all donated to Lion Guardians recently. Amy – we’ll post some photos of the medical supplies once they are bought. This requires a trip to Nairobi, so it will take a few weeks. Christopher, your donation will probably go towards small solar panels for charging the […]

Zebras, rain, mud, cows and lions

Antony is still in New York. We received word that he is enjoying it immensely. The event that he attended was (I believe) well received. He is now meeting a few people, and taking in the sights. Blog posting from there has been a little tricky so we’ll ask him to write about his experiences […]