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Guardians update, Kenya unrest

Theresa, thanks for your concern. All the Guardians are accounted for, and for the time-being all project staff and vehicles are not going anywhere near any of the troubled areas. Like any country that has internal conflict, there are relatively peaceful areas that are quite safe. For the moment southern Maasailand is peaceful. Here is […]

donation received from Andrew F.

Dear Andrew F. Thanks for the donation. We have just found your donation listed in the “latest one time donation collumn”. Every bit counts… Here is a photograph of one of the young females from a pride on the neighbouring ranch where i do some work.the picture was taken 3 days ago. Have a good […]

Suspense in the Nation

Today, we are all huddling around our radios breathlessly waiting for announcement of presidential election results. We went to the polls on the 27th December (Thursday). Several days down the line, we are still waiting for the results. The Electoral Commission Chairman had been updating us several times each day. This, he went on doing […]

Our Last Quarter Report

Lion Guardian Report (September-December 2007) Written by: Antony Kasanga and Leela Hazzah General Summary This year has been a successful one; owing to the fact that as a participatory program the community continues to help the Guardians track and report new lions. Community involvement is central to the success of this program. The Lion Guardian […]

Anthropomorphism at its best

Many of our recent posts have been related to donations that we are looking for, or donations we’ve received. This photograph of Sangale was taken two days ago… looking coy, or perhaps getting in touch with his feminine side, surrounded by pretty white flowers? Its our gift to all those who have supported, or continue […]

Thanks to Carol and M Rosalie K

Thanks to Carol and M Rosalie K for your donations. Here is a photograph of Olubi the Lion Guardian radio-tracking some of our collared lions. He is standing on top of one of the koppies here on the ranch. Technorati : conservation, donations, lions, radio-tracking

How to donate second-hand cellphones

Mary, We thought it best to respond in a post, so that other readers would know…. in response to your query: we would welcome donations of second-hand cellphones. they needn’t be fancy, but they should preferably still work. We can replace batteries here in Kenya if necessary. The best would probably be to send them […]

Learning english

It was late afternoon and Leela and I decided to pay a visit to the Lion Guardian for Lenkilriti area. Kapande was out tracking and as we were about to turn and go, he appeared behind us smiling. It was a fake smile since his face showed it all. He was really tired from walking […]

American Expriences.

I was very happy while going up the stairs of Brussels Airline plane on my trip to America. My mind was wondering how I was going to feel in the next several hours when I arrive in New York. This is my first time travelling in a big plane and I was very excited seeing […]

Lion Guardian Bargains

Richard, thanks for the comment yesterday. The best way to donate would be through the blog… if people see that you are donating, they might feel inspired to sponsor other guardians. As you may have seen our donations show up automatically on the sidebar. Thanks again! Here’s a photo of an Amboseli lion, taken last […]