Monthly Archives: February 2008

Donation items received

The following donations have been received for the Lion Guardians: One new camera and an “old” camera (I put “old” in quotes because to others it may seem older, but to me and the Lion Guardians, all the items are brand new) from Lisa Two phones from Sharon One new phone and five other phones […]

Meeting and News

Hi Everyone, I have been quiet in the past days because of a research meeting about lions and hyenas which I have been attending in Nairobi. I am still traveling, but I will tell you all about it when I get back to our camp in Mbirikani. A lot of people have been inquiring about […]

Lions attempt a boma

I received a report yesterday that a pride of ten lions attempted to break into a boma on the west side of the group ranch in the Mbirikani town area. I took my motorbike and went to investigate if any of these lions happened to be one of our collared lions. The area had received […]

A little bit about Maasai

The Maasai tribe is composed of three major clans: Ilaitayiok, Ilaiser and Ilmolelian. These three clans got their names from the sons of the first elder who was married to three wives. Ilmolelians is comprised of five subclans: Iltaatasero, Ilmoingo, Ilpakeneti, Iloigerr and Ilmakesen. Among Ilaitayiok there are: Ilmarmash, Ilaitayiok, Ilmiraani and Ilmoshono. Ilaiserr is […]

Maria’s saliva: Medicine to scorpion bites

Last night, I was working on my computer and all of a sudden, I felt a sharp painful sting. I jumped from my seat and started looking around. Coiling under my seat was a scorpion. I took my open shoe and started hitting it from anger mixed with pain. Slowly, the poison moved up my […]

Reading, Writing, and Phones

Yesterday when I went out to collect the weekly forms, I gave Koikai a newly donated phone. He was full of excitement. Soon after Koikai received the phone we realized there was one problem. Koikai doesn’t understand the language and the set of the phone; it took me more than four hours trying to explain […]

Koikai’s new son

Today, as I was doing my rounds visiting the Guardians and collecting their weekly forms, Koikai (the Lion Guardian from Olbili) told me very exciting news. A few weeks ago, as you may know, Koikai and his wife had a new son. This was during the time after Sangale and Birdie were poisoned. Koikai especially […]

New Friends in Camp

If you happen to visit camp one of these days; you will think there is no single soul living there. Maria and Ernest have gone home for their off duty days, leaving Justus and myself in camp. This is Justus Supeet, our camp manager. With rains in place birds sing sweet melodies making the environment […]

Many, many thanks our beloved readers!

Am so much pleased that even at difficult times like the ones I had been through, there is somone out there who is concerned as much as my family. They pressured me to resign after I narrated the story thinking I will be tempted to go to the city again. But I had a simple […]

Success story of the Lion Guardians

Success story of the Lion Guardians Lion Guardians interact with many different people from other areas during their daily tasks. This mostly happens when Mbirikani has an influx of nomads due to the short rains which other ranches didn’t received. These people bring with them different traits specifically murrans (warriors) whose areas still continue killing […]