Monthly Archives: March 2008

Lion hunting in OLG

We’ve received a report that on the 28th of March, 60 murrans from Olgulului (OLG) went to hunt for lions. Allegedly these lions killed a cow and the warriors were seeking revenge. The murrans divided into groups and were chasing a lion, which headed into Amboseli National Park when the Amboseli-Tsavo Game Scouts and the […]

News of Kapande and Donations Received

Hello everyone, I have some news about Kapande. A good friend of mine who lives in Nairobi went to visit him at the hospital. Kapande is doing fine and the doctors are going to release him in a week or so. He still needs some more time to rest and recover from the surgery. We […]

End of Field Work

The long rains are here with us once more. This is when traveling becomes a nightmare, field work cannot be done until the rains are over. Though researchers and people trying to travel in cars are limited by the rains, the livestock owners are now the happiest people on earth. Water has become a thing […]

Helping a sick mzee to the clinic

I was just heading to camp when someone came running up to me. His face clearly showed that he needed help. He seemed almost desperate. He told me that his father was ill, very ill. He had asked people with a motorbike to take the father to the clinic, but the people were charging too […]

Sangale’s legacy

Today I received a great birthday present; I was blessed with the sighting of Nemasi and her cubs. Nemasi was resting under a tree when we found her. She had her cubs well hidden in the long grass. She was an attentive mother, constantly making sure that they were safe. After a while, she led […]

Kapande’s surgery

Kapande is now out of danger. He was taken to the theatre (operating room) yesterday at 3:30pm and came out at 6:15am. I am going to visit him this morning and see how he has been for the night. Then I will head back to Mbirikani. Thanks to everyone for all your support and prayers. […]

Kapande’s sick

Today I, once again, have bad news, but this time it isn’t about dead lions. This time it is one of the Guardians; Kapande, from the Lenkiloriti area, is very sick. This morning, as I do every Sunday, I left camp early to visit all the Guardians, collect forms, and make sure everything is going […]

A visit from the wise man

Today was a special day in our camp. The chairman of the Mbirikani Group Ranch paid us a courtesy call Here are photos of him in our camp on Mbirikani. I call him the wise man because he is the one who makes decisions on behalf of more than 5000 members. He was a on […]

How long can this go on…..?

I have really sad news and I’m not sure how to put it. It has not even been ten days since I posted that a lion was killed on Eselenkei….. now two more lions have been killed. The apparent reason for the killing is that these lions killed two livestock. However, there are contradictory stories […]

The smiles say it all!

The Lion Guardians recently gathered for our monthly meeting. We had just finished discussing our meeting agenda when I announced to the Guardians the wonderful items that had been donated to us. They immediately put on the new rain coats donated by Patagonia, and began fiddling with the torches (flashlights) we bought with blog donation […]