Monthly Archives: April 2008

Celebrating Murranhood at Maria’s boma

Maria, the camp chef, invited me to a ceremony at her boma in Olibili. As well as being an amazing cook, Maria also helps with different aspects of the Lion Guardian program in my absence, including sending air time to the Guardians while they are out in the field and entering Lion Guardian data into […]

At peace..!

I have made it back to camp safely now, after my journey from Nairobi. Sometimes Nairobi scares me a lot especially when I come across security men – because it can either mean there is lawlessness in that area, or that the police are hunting for criminals, and when a shoot out starts anybody could […]

Finding lost livestock and an interview

I received good news that Guardian Olubi has helped find over 100 shoats that were lost on Friday evening. ‘Shoat’ is an abbreviation for combined herds of sheep and goats or what some people refer to as small stock. The owner is one of the luckiest persons on earth because none of his shoats were […]

Lion Guardian Kapande

I know you are interested to hear more about my trip to Nairobi. I will write more about this after my journey back to camp, which I’m sure will be full of events too! Right now I want to tell you about how Lion Guardian Kapande is doing, as I think you will also want […]

Stuck in traffic in Nairobi

I was heading to a meeting in Nairobi early today and there was so much traffic on the road. The meeting was supposed to start around 9:30am and I had been travelling the whole night to try and make it there on time. But in Nairobi travelling less than 2 kilometres was a nightmare. After […]

Life in camp

You canĂ¢??t imagine that camp used to be for more than eight people – now there are just two people in it! Nights are so quiet that you could think we were the only people left on this planet! Our alarm – the Crested Francolin will call at exactly 6:30am making such a high sound […]

New Face on Lion Guardians blog

We now have a new face on the Lion Guardian blog. Amy Howard will be helping out with different aspects of the blog with myself, to get more interesting stories, pictures and clips of lions and Lion Guardians in their communities. Amy is from England and has been helping with the media aspects of the […]

Lion Guardian data collection

Yesterday I went out on my bike to collect data sheets from some of the Lion Guardians. They tell me what work they have been doing – whether they have seen or heard any lions, or found any lion tracks, and whether anyone in the community has told them about lions in the area. They […]

Collared lioness located with cubs

Our collared lioness, Nempakaai, that usually lives in Amboseli has been located with cubs. The lioness was collared early last year with the help of Guardians Olubi and Mokoi, to the West of Mbirikani. She then moved to Amboseli National Park with a pride of two females. Here is a photo of Lion Guardians Olubi […]

Olgulului/Amboseli Lion Consolation Fund Launched

Yesterday I went to a meeting in Risa, in a neighbouring group ranch – Olgulului group ranch. The meeting was to launch a consolation scheme that will pay some money to livestock owners whose livestock get killed by lions. The agreement between the group ranch committee and the community was attended by more than 200 […]