Monthly Archives: July 2008

Hyenas kill calves and injure mothers

Lion Guardian Olubi spent the whole of the day yesterday and most of the evening looking for six lost animals – three calves and their mothers. The livestock belonged to one of his neighbors, who left them outside the boma in the bush overnight. Here is Olubi looking for tracks. Unfortunately for the owner of the […]

A close encounter with lions

Guardian Ritei was extremely surprised when he woke up yesterday morning to find lion tracks right outside his boma gate. There have not been any lions around his area for the last two months! I drove the lion tracking equipment over to Ritei straight away, so he could find out whether the tracks belonged to […]

Any questions?

As usual at the end of this month we will be holding our Lion Guardians monthly meeting. This is where all the Guardians come to camp and discuss what has happened in their area over the past month – if there have been any problems with carnivores, and what they have done about it, how […]

Africa Alive!

The Lion Guardians would like to thank Africa Alive! an African focused visitor attraction in the UK for making a donation of £2300 to the program. They chose lion conservation as the focus of their fundraising efforts this year, which is great news for the lions here, and the Lion Guardians too. We are very grateful […]

Carnivore attacks prevented as lost livestock are brought home

Lion Guardian Mokoi was out in the bush tracking lions late yesterday, when he came across more than 18 calves on their own without a herder. He recognized the owner of the calves by their ear notches (every livestock owner has a different one to identify which cows belong to whom), so he managed to […]

Now you have met all our Lion Guardians, please help us!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about each Lion Guardian, their personalities and backgrounds, and how dedicated they are to helping save the remaining lions here. The Guardians are really happy that they have all been introduced, and that you were interested in reading about them.   What is so great about the Lion Guardians, […]

Meet Olubi, the Lion Guardian famed for his singing and lion killing

Olubi is one of those people you could describe as full of energy. The ever-happy Olubi is always laughing and making jokes about things he comes across, or about other people! He participates enthusiastically in all murran activities, including singing. In fact he is the murran best known for his excellent singing across three ranches! […]

Today meet our youngest and newest Lion Guardian, Solonka

Solonka is the youngest of the Lion Guardians, and the newest to join the program. His aspiration to be a Guardian through willing volunteering has finally earned him this prestigious position among the Maasai warriors (murrans). He spent time learning all the skills he needs to be a Lion Guardian. Here he is learning how […]

Meet our oldest Lion Guardian, Mokoi

Mokoi is the only Lion Guardian who is not a murran. He is in the junior elders age class, known as Ilkidotu; the age level above murrans. He was chosen for his position as a Lion Guardian due to his exceptional hard work – he volunteered for more than six months before he was given […]

Lion Guardian Melubo killed a legendary lion – now he protects them

Melubo is another one of the pioneers of the Lion Guardians program. His real name is Matasha ole Nakenyu. Simply, Matasha son of Nakenyu. Melubo is his â??lion name’ -  a title of reverence he was given after he killed a lion. His fame still prevails, as the lion he killed was legendary. It was […]