Monthly Archives: August 2008

More news on attempted break-in

Yesterday we reported that a carnivore had tried to break into a boma. Lion Guardian Ritei went to investigate and reported that it was indeed a lion that had attacked the boma, as the community had thought. He went out tracking and did not pick up a signal from any of our lions’ radio collars, […]

Attempted break-in (by lions)

Yesterday it was reported to me that a lion was trying to break into people’s bomas (thorn branch enclosures where they keep their livestock) early in the morning. Thankfully the community managed to chase it away without harming it, and no livestock were injured either. If the reports are true, it is worrying that this […]

Cute cubs!

I went out yesterday to look for one of our collared lions, a female called Nemasi. We found her relaxing with her cubs playing around her. It was great to see her, and I was really happy that she was quite close by and her cubs were doing well and growing. Here are a few photos […]

Language barriers (video – Koikai speaks English)

Most people think that being a Kenyan you must know English or at least our national language Swahili. But in Maasailand few people, probably less than 30% can speak Swahili. Our mother tongue is Maa, and unless someone has been to school they will not have learnt any languages apart from this, not even Swahili. […]

Initiation ceremony for the new Maasai warriors

Friday marked the arrival of a new generation of Maasai warriors, or murrans. A ritual called “Enkipaata” was marked in our district to see if the new murrans were ready to go under the knife (circumcision) and become the next Maasai army. This celebration happens every 13 years, or sometimes longer. The murrans to-be were […]

How many lions have we saved? Is it enough?

Today I am going to answer some questions that Paula asked me. She wanted to know how many lions we have saved, is it enough, and what are my greatest challenges that keep me awake at night. I asked Lion Guardian Koikai these questions last week, but I will give you my answers too. [kml_flashembed […]

The beautiful birds of the Chyulus

Thanks for all your comments about Koikai, and about the elephant. I will take your advice on board and see what we can do, and pass on your best wishes to him. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any news. In the meantime let me tell you of some more pleasant things. This […]

Dangerous elephant still at large

The elephant we reported a few days ago is still in the area. I gave the details to the game scouts but so far no action has been taken by them. It is a dangerous situation, particularly as Lion Guardian Olubi thinks the elephant may be sick. When he saw it today it was not […]

More good news for lions

For the second time in a week lion conservation has received a major boost. Yesterday we reported that the murrans who killed a lion on Olgulului Group Ranch, neighboring ours were sentenced. Today we report that a predator consolation scheme has been launched on this same ranch, with funding from National Geographic. The scheme means […]

Justice at last as lion killers are sentenced

Today I am bringing you some really good news! I am sure that all of you are familiar with the last lion killing that happened in June outside our ranch. We were all very angry and saddened that murrans on our neighboring ranch would kill a lion in order to sell its claws. This is […]