Monthly Archives: September 2008

BBC visit the Lion Guardians

Last week we were visited by the BBC. They were making a documentary as part of a current affairs travelogue series. The series will be aired on BBC2 and Worldwide in early 2009.. so you have a bit of a wait before you can see us on TV! They were very interested to film the […]

Lion Guardians help the neighbours

After our busy time filming with the BBC, which I will write more about soon, the Lion Guardians are full of activity yet again. They are passing on their expertise to some lion scouts from another ranch called Kuku. These lion scouts have come over to learn how to do the kind of work that […]

Busy with the BBC

Sorry we haven’t made a post for a while. We are very busy hosting a BBC film crew who are staying with us to find out about the Lion Guardians. We hope that the film they make will encourage more people to read about our work and help us conserve lions. I will write more […]

Wild dogs are back!

Thanks so much everyone for your attempts to identify the carnivore in our last post. I think you are right about it being a wild dog, as the description that the livestock owner gave me also seems to fit with this. This is a very rare animal to find in this area. In fact, when […]

Meet my Grandfather..

As part of my time off work, I spent a few days with my grandfather. I had a good time helping him take care of his livestock with one of my neighbors. My grandpa still herds his cows every day, and even when I was home he would not rest, but accompanied us to the […]

Rare carnivore attacks livestock!

I have been travelling over the weekend to a neighboring ranch called Eselenkei. On my journey I came across a livestock owner who was very angry because two of his animals had been killed by a carnivore that he claims to be very rare. He told me that the attack had happened at around 5.30 […]

Good news – elephant no longer a threat

We have some good news for you about the elephant that was worrying the community in Lion Guardian Olubi’s area of work. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers from Amboseli have now visited the area and met with Olubi and were able to track the elephant. We are pleased to say that they confirmed he was […]

Back on duty

I’ve been out of the office for a few days to see my family, catch up with my mother and see how the vegetables are growing in her garden. I had a lot of fun and also helped out the family with herding the cattle. We herd through a local swamp, which is very good […]

Thank you!

We would like to thank our blog readers for your recent donations – Black C, Richard V, Hashi H, Aisha N and Pirjo I. All the Lion Guardians and the communities they work with appreciate your donations and support. With your help we can continue our work here in Maasailand, saving lions and other carnivores […]

Video of Lion Guardian Olubi thanking his sponsor

Thank you for your concern and advice about the ongoing problem elephant. When I have any more news on this I will make sure you hear it first. In the meantime, I will post a video of Olubi, the Lion Guardian who is working in the area to prevent conflict between the elephant and the […]