Monthly Archives: October 2008

Your help is vital

Thank you so much for your donations over the last month. I am especially glad to see we have some new donors on the site. Thank you all for reading the blog and supporting our work. Here is a photo of the plains near to our camp, where the Lion Guardians located one of our collared […]

Celebrating in Tanzania

I am sorry the blog has been so quiet – I have been in Tanzania to attend the graduation of my friend Stephen Melubo from the College of African Wildlife Management, which as you can see has our favourite animal – the lion as its emblem! You may remember that Stephen spent some time helping […]

Water crisis hits our neighbours

Earlier this week I travelled to Olgulului, our neighbouring ranch, where we will be starting up Lion Guardians soon. The first thing that people asked was whether we have rain yet on Mbirikani. And the answer was still no. The area was so dry that only dust could be seen from a distance. Donkeys are […]

Animals still desperate for water

The rains still have not come to the Chyulus. This means that both livestock and wildlife are still very thirsty, and are becoming weak. This is a dangerous time for animals here. The wildlife on this ranch had two ways to get water. They could walk to a river way off in the southern part […]

Vultures attack zebra carcass

Today I went to visit three of the Lion Guardians, Koikai, Melubo and Ritei. On the way we came across a dead zebra being feasted on by many vultures.   We were interested to find out what had killed the zebra, as none of our collared lions are in the area – maybe it was […]

Situation desperate as community water points destroyed by elephants

Elephants are becoming a problem in Olngosua once more. Previously this area was troubled by a lone elephant that was scaring the local community. Now, the two Lion Guardians that live in this area, Mokoi and Olubi have reported that elephants have broken and dismantled water pipes from three different water troughs. The community need […]

The Lion Guardian everyone loves!

I think that Ritei is probably the one Guardian that every single person in camp adores. His smile will make any gloomy face happy, and his dedication to his job as a Lion Guardian is unwavering. He never wants to miss a Lion Guardians meeting, and will walk for hours to get to camp in […]

Leopard attacks at Lenkiloriti

Lion Guardian Kapande has reported that a carnivore has been killing livestock at his place of work Lenkiloriti. According to the community that lives there, the carnivore tracks resemble those of a lion but are smaller. Kapande has not seen the tracks himself, but when he told us the community’s description we all agreed that […]

Where are you?

Have you had a look at the map on the right hand side at the bottom of the blog? If you click on the map you can see how many people are reading this blog from all over the world. It is amazing to see that people from so many different places are reading about […]

Young child goes missing in the bush

We had a great end of month meeting with our director Leela. All the Guardians shared their reports from the zones that they live and work in. The most shocking news came from Lion Guardian Mokoi, who reported that a child had gone missing out in the bush for 2 days. Here are the Lion […]