Monthly Archives: November 2008

Lion Guardians Christmas gifts…

I hope you like our Christmas present idea and will enjoy giving our certificate as a gift. If you add who the gift is for when you post your comment, we can personalise the certificate for you too. (And I’ll even try and add a photo of some cubs!) Have a good weekend, from the […]

Get your Christmas presents here!

Its nearly Christmas time, and perhaps you are already thinking about presents to buy your friends and family? Well, I have an idea for you, which I hope your loved ones will like, and which will help the wildlife and people that live here in Maasailand. Make a donation to the Lion Guardians in the […]

60 minutes visit us, and are offered lion claws and teeth!

This week the Lion Guardians have been busy with another film crew. CBS and their presenter Bob Simon are here to film a piece for their program ’60 minutes’. They want to find out more about the poisoning of lions and other carnivores. They came at the right time – just after an attempted poisoning […]

Attempted lion poisoning

We are sad to report that an attempted poisoning has been committed, and two of our collared lions, who usually reside on the neighbouring ranch Kuku were the intended victims. These two lionesses have been killing a lot of cows recently, and attacked and killed 3 cows, all owned by the same old man. These […]

More lions attack cows, but livestock owner is lenient

Barely a week after the last livestock were killed by lions, two more have been attacked, one of them sustaining deep head injuries. The culprits of these two cases are our collared lions Mbalueni and Mbeuti, who have come over from the neighbouring ranch Kuku. Here is the injured cow. We showed the owner of […]

More areas demand Lion Guardians!

On a recent trip to neighbouring ranch Olgulului, where we are planning on starting the Lion Guardians, we also made a visit to our other neighbours – Eselenkei Group Ranch. We spoke to the committee, who had heard of our success at stopping lions being killed on Mbirikani, and they were very eager to start […]

Collared lions in cow killing craze

Lion Guardian Kapande has reported that a cow has been killed by a lion just a few kilometers north of our camp. He had been tracking on foot, and was sure it was one of our collared lions Nemasi, the female with three cubs. Here is Kapande with the cow. And here you can see […]

Happy times in the Chyulus

Everyone here is happy and smiling, especially after our public holiday yesterday to celebrate Obama’s victory! As I’m sure you will know, Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan, so everyone here is very excited that he is now President of the United States, and Kenya’s President Kibaki declared yesterday a public holiday to celebrate! The other […]

Mourning another lion – speared on our neighbouring ranch

We are sad to report that another lion has been killed on our neighbouring ranch Olgulului, where we are soon to start the Lion Guardians program. The lion killed a big expensive bull, and in doing so injured its paw. A week later it killed a goat close to where the bull was attacked, and […]

Do you have a spare backpack?

A few days ago we held our end of month meeting with all the Guardians. I can’t believe how quickly October has passed! The first thing on the agenda was to verify the Guardians’ equipment and make sure that everything was in good working condition. The Guardians are all given a mobile phone so they […]