Monthly Archives: December 2008

My Christmas holiday

As many people all over the world do at this time of year, I took some time this festive season to go and see my family and friends back home. It was great being with my loved ones. My mum bought a goat, and we invited all our friends for a big feast. I was […]

December donors

I hope you had a great Christmas. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated to us in December. I know it is a difficult time of year to donate as there are so many other things to spend money on, so thank you to all of you who helped the Lion […]

What a year!

The Lion Guardians program has had an extremely successful second year. The Guardians have been kept busy all year round, monitoring the carnivores on the ranch, especially our collared lions, as well as helping their communities in many different ways to reduce conflict with wildlife. We have experienced some difficult times over the year, particularly […]

You can still get a Christmas gift from the Lion Guardians!

Great news! There is still time to buy a Lion Guardians Christmas gift certificate! If you would like to be emailed a certificate, please make your donation, and be sure to remember to add a comment, and we will send you one in time for Christmas.  

Searching for lions

On our last night at Eselenkei conservancy we went on a search for lions before heading back to Mbirikani Group Ranch. We had been told various times by the guys at the camp that lions could be seen easily, even though none of them have collars. We started our search at around 9.30pm and the […]

Stuck for gift ideas?

Stuck for a gift for your friend? No time to go to the shops? Well the Lion Guardians can help! Just make a donation to us, add a comment and we will send you a certificate. You print it out and give it to your friend to show them how they have helped the cause […]

New location for Lion Guardians

We are in the process of establishing a new camp on Eselenkei group ranch, where we are going to start the Lion Guardians program. I have just been to visit Eselenkei, to see the place that we will be locating our camp, and we were very lucky to be able to stay at nearby Porini. […]

Still time to buy your Lion Guardians Christmas gift certificates!

I would like to thank all our donors who have given to us so generously in the month of November. Black C, Sauwah T, Hashi H, Loki Q, Malcolm F, Pirjo I, Nina T, Jessica F, Irene O, Pauline H. Thanks you so much for your donations. I would also like to say a special […]

Lion Guardian Ritei learns a new skill

Lion Guardians Ritei and Koikai were in camp yesterday. I was working at my desk, when Ritei told me he wanted to learn how to use a computer. Ritei has never even been to school, and I was moved by his ambitiousness. First I opened a Word document for him to write his name; he did […]

Bull fighting to be staged in Nairobi

Today I was sent a link by one of my friends about bull fighting, which is to be started in Nairobi. This is one of the saddest things to do to animals that I have ever seen, especially when some people use drugs to charge bulls to fight each other. I asked everyone around the […]