Monthly Archives: March 2009

Furadan, the hot topic

I have been very interested to read all the comments and different people’s views on Furadan, on this blog, on the CBS 60 minutes page, and on the Stop the manufacture of Furadan Facebook group. What do you think? Should we be blaming the manufacturers for producing this poison, or the Government for allowing it […]

60 minutes, new lion cubs!

We hope that a lot of people watched 60 minutes last night and are eager to find out about the lions here in Maasailand, and what the Lion Guardians are doing to save them. If you missed it you can watch it here, and view the comments about whether a poison like Furadan should be […]

Watch 60 minutes this Sunday!

We are very excited that the CBS program 60 minutes featuring the Lion Guardians will be shown on TV in the US this Sunday March 29th at 7pm Eastern Time. It will also be available to watch on the internet at soon after. The program is all about wildlife poisoning, and Bob Simon and his […]

Lion Guardian gets married!

Saturday was a special day for one Lion Guardian. Apart from me, our youngest Lion Guardian Solonka Sakimpa was the only one not married. But this Saturday we were all very pleased to celebrate his wedding with him. Early in the morning we went to pick up his new wife from Mbirikani village, which is […]

Still searching for lion cubs

The story of finding our collared lion Nemasi has been going on for some time now. We are desperate to see whether she still has all three of her cubs with her. A young lion was found dead close to the area she has been residing in recently and we haven’t managed to see any […]

Lion Guardians Wanted!!

For the last three days I have been busy trying to get things started with the new Lion Guardians projects on our neighbouring group ranches Eselenkei and Olgulului. In the past, these two ranches have been significant in finishing off the few lions that still roam the vast Maasai plains. They are larger and will […]

Antony’s going to Oxford University!

It was a dream come true when I was accepted into the University of Oxford. It has been my goal to continue with my education since I finished High School in 2003, but little did I know that I could end up at one of the world’s best universities! The Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife […]

Injured giraffe

Yesterday when we were going out lion tracking in the early morning (still trying to see the elusive Nemasi and her cubs), we came across a giraffe with a badly injured leg. He was standing in the middle of the road and did not even try to run away when we drove towards him. He […]

Listen to the Lion Guardians program on NPR Day to Day

Yesterday we gave you the link to listen to the first of two programs about Living with Lions and lion conservation in Kenya, on Alex Chadwick’s Day to Day program on NPR. Here is the link to the second of the programs which is all about us – the Lion Guardians and our lion conservation […]

We looked for lion cubs and found a leopard! And we have camera trap photos!

The search for Nemasi’s cubs continues…… Just by the edge of the thick lava forest we found a young eland that had been killed the previous day by what looked like young lions (from the tracks). We were very excited! But as we had no luck seeing the very secretive lions previously we decided to ask […]