Monthly Archives: April 2009

Goodbye Antony!

Last week was a sad occasion for Antony and the Lion Guardians, as he held his leaving party in Mbirikani. But it was also a very happy day, as the whole community is so glad that Antony is going to Oxford to learn more about wildlife so that he will be able to further help […]

Cameras and thank you’s!

Today we were very pleased to receive a great gift from our blog readers Sheri and Owen from the Wild Bird Center in Utah, who have donated a digital camera and a camera trap to the Lion Guardians! Here is the first photo taken with our new camera, of two bird’s nests in our camp. […]

Lion Guardian finds Black Rhino!

Last week when Kapande was searching for lions he came across a rare black rhino! First he spotted the fresh tracks, and as he followed them further he heard the rhino running off, and saw its huge body moving away through the trees! Kapande was so excited that he called us immediately to report the […]

So busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment. Everything is SO busy for my departure to Oxford. There is so much to do, and I feel like my time in Maasailand with the Lion Guardians is running out far too quickly! I will update you properly as soon as I can! In the meantime […]

News from the Lion Guardians

First of all I would like to say Happy Easter to all our blog readers! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Here in Kenya we too have been celebrating Easter, and have also been busy with many other things! We have even had a few hard rain showers! On Saturday it was the day of […]

Lion Guardians find lion kill

It was 8 o’clock in the morning when Masarie, one of our Lion Guardians found a dead wildebeest, killed by lions and immediately reported it to the camp. He was able to pick up Kasayio’s signal through the receiver at very close range.   He found 2 lion tracks in the area, so we knew […]

Is this the worst drought ever?

Last week we reported a day of rain, which brought hope to the Maasai of Southern Kenya. But since that one day we have had no more rain. Some are saying this is the worst drought to hit our ranch since 1984. Elders of the pastoral communities have described it as the most dangerous of […]

Lion Guardians report more new lions!

Today it was the monthly Lion Guardians meeting. All the Guardians arrived to tell us about their news from each of their areas. Lion Guardians Koikai and Melubo reported that they have been finding some collared lions that usually live on our neighbouring ranch Kuku over on our ranch recently. They come over every few […]

Wildlife poison withdrawn from Africa!

We have just heard the news that Furadan, the agricultural chemical and poison that is being used to kill wildlife, in particular hyenas, lions and vultures, has been withdrawn from sale in the areas of Africa where there are predators. Distributors have been asked to buy back stocks and we hope that it will no […]

Is the drought over? We find our collared male lion!

It has been extremely dry for a long time now here in Maasailand. The short rains hardly came, and the long rains that should be with us now have yet to arrive. Livestock and wildlife are dying due to lack of water and the land is becoming severely overgrazed. This week, however, all the herders […]