Monthly Archives: August 2009

Amboseli lions and deadly drought

On Monday we received a report from one of the guides from Amboseli Porini Camp, which is near our new project on Eselenkei Group Ranch. (Thank you so much for the report Amboseli Porini!) They told us they had seen a collared lion in Amboseli National Park, so we rushed over to see who it […]

Meet new Lion Guardian Pilenanka

Pilenanka Sitiyo volunteered as a Lion Guardian in the Ilchalai area back at the start of the project in 2006, and showed great promise, but was just beaten by Lenkina who still holds the position in that area. Now we are pleased to see him again, and he has shown his dedication to the project […]

Meet our new Lion Guardians!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new Lion Guardians on Mbirikani Group Ranch. Mushaga is replacing Melubo in the Oltiasika area and Pilenanka replaces Lion Guardian Solonka in the Ol Donyo Wuas area. We are sad to say goodbye to Melubo and Solonka who have both worked hard for the project, but […]

Sponsor sends greetings to Maasailand!

Lucky Lion Guardian Koikai is being sponsored by blog reader Anne C. We are extremely grateful to Anne for her support of Koikai, and of the whole Lion Guardians project – she recently also donated a brand new laptop for our new Lion Guardians in Eselenkei Group Ranch, so they can fill in all the […]

Kenya’s lions could vanish within 10 years!

Yesterday we reported that Kenya’s lions may become extinct within 20 years. According to the New Scientist, Kenya’s lions could vanish within 10 years, if action is not taken very quickly. Read the story in the New Scientist by clicking here.

Kenyan lions face extinction in 20 years?

A report in the Telegraph on Tuesday suggested that within 20 years lions may become extinct in Kenya. This follows a press release from KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) which says that Kenya is losing an average of 100 of its 2,000 lions every year due to growing human settlements, increasing farming, climate change and disease. […]

Welcome to the team Kylie!

We are very happy to introduce you to our new biologist who is now working for the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project, the lion research wing of Living with Lions on Mbirikani Group Ranch. Kylie joins us from Budongo Forest, Uganda where she was working for the Jane Goodall Institute, an organisation dedicated to the conservation […]

Another night time visitor at camp!

We’ve been having a bit of trouble in our kitchen at night. The bins keep being ransacked and rubbish strewn everywhere. Was this the work of the honey badger we had some trouble with in the last few months, or was the debris left by a different intruder? We put the camera trap up to find […]

New Lion Guardians chosen!

The one month voluntary period by the new Lion Guardians on Eselenkei Group Ranch is now over. During this period the volunteering Lion Guardians have helped reinforce more than ten community bomas (livestock enclosures) to predator proof levels, found lost livestock herds in the bush and been tracking lions across the length & breadth of the […]

Dead lion mystery is solved

You will probably remember the story of our collared female lion Nemasi and her 3 male cubs. Here is Nemasi and her cubs in March 2008. In February we were very sad to come across a dead sub-adult lion on the side of a hill called Olasera. A herder had found the carcass while looking […]