Monthly Archives: September 2009

Lion attacks camera!

A few days ago Lion Guardian Pilenanka came across a zebra that had been killed by lions not far from camp. We went down to see the carcass, and found that not very much had been eaten, and realised the lions would probably come back to the kill that night. We decided this was the […]

Reuters visit Lion Guardians!

Yesterday the Lion Guardians were visited by Reuters, the world news agency. The crew visited Lion Guardian Mokoi’s boma where they were treated to tea and some songs from the mamas at the boma. Here are the Guardians swapping their news at Mokoi’s boma, while being filmed by Reuters.   The film crew talked to Guardians […]

Lion Guardian finds wild dogs!

One of our new Eselenkei Lion Guardians Melita called us with some very exciting news a few days ago. He reported seeing tracks of wild dogs in his area during his daily monitoring duties! Unfortunately we haven’t got any photos of these dogs yet, but the ones below were photographed in Laikipia. I went out […]

Lion Guardians expansion continues!

After successfully starting up the Lion Guardians program on Eselenkei Group Ranch, we are now expanding to yet another ranch in the Amboseli-Tsavo Ecosystem! The new ranch, Olgulului is on the border with Amboseli National Park, and experiences a lot of conflict with wildlife. We can’t wait to start work there! Here is one of […]

Do elephants like coffee?

Last night was full of noise and disturbance. No, it wasn’t some rowdy Maasai warriors having a party… it was elephants! In the last few days the elephants have decided to come to our camp and are spending their time breaking branches, pulling up trees and causing a tremendous racket! But the strangest thing that we […]

Latest photos from our camera trap!

Here are the latest pictures from the camera trap we were kindly donated by Sheri and Owen Hogle from the Wild Bird Center in Utah. It was put at a water hole so that we could see what animals were visiting the area. Here are some of the animals that came: Some very inquisitive giraffes….. a number of […]

Lion Guardians Christmas Cards!

We are very excited to announce our beautiful Lion Guardians Christmas Cards, which you can buy right here on this blog! Of course all the profits will go to the Lion Guardians, so please buy as many as you can and tell all your friends about them too! Maybe you could even buy a stock, […]

Lion Guardians celebrate!

The new Lion Guardian training and celebration day in Eselenkei Group Ranch was held to celebrate the new Guardians after their first month of work. The day started with traditional blessings and the new Lion Guardians were then each given 5 minutes to present the reports from their zones. They talked about signs of lions […]

Thank you to our donors!

The Lion Guardins would like to thank everyone who has supported us recently. Thank you to: Katherine J, Samantha V, Scott R, Richard V, Black C, Lois C, Hashi H, Anne C, Diane K, Jessica F, Mary P, Pirjo I, Mary H, Shannon C, The F, Angela G, Kerryn W, Mike S, Sauwah T, Jason […]

Thank you Africa Alive!

Once again the UK tourist attraction and zoo, Africa Alive have done an amazing job, and collected the huge sum of $4731 for the Lion Guardians! What fantastic news! We are thrilled that they have managed to raise this amount for us, which will help the project considerably, especially as we now expand the program […]