Monthly Archives: November 2009

Closer encounter with a lion!

A few days ago the Lion Guardians were thrilled to be involved in the re-collaring of female lion Selenkay. Lion Guarians Mokoi and Olubi had tracked her that morning and found her with her two companions Narika and Elikan. Here are Selenkay and Narika lying together peacefully under some trees. Selenkay’s collar needed to be […]

Last chance to get your Lion Guardians Christmas Cards!

If you would like to purchase any Lion Guardians Christmas cards (and at the same time help support our lion conservation work), now is the time! In order that you get them in plenty of time to send to your friends, please purchase the cards before December 1st. We are finding that it takes about […]

Introducing another new Guardian!

Parkesian Ole Saitoti is our Lion Guardian representing the Meshenani zone. This is an area highly frequented by lions which wander outside protected Amboseli National Park and into potential conflict with the Maasai living in this area. It comprises a hilly area of thick bush  – a great place for lions to hang out! Parkesian […]

Lion Guardians Games is getting closer!

Thanks to Jeremy R, Anne C and Anna H we have now raised a fantastic $550, which means we are over half way there!! We are all so excited about planning the Games, designing the certificates and thinking about who might win the various awards. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We know […]

Modern day lion hunt

‘Olamayio’ is a traditional Maasai lion hunting party, usually comprising several warriors (morans) of the same age-set. Ideally, morans will go out to test their bravery, which will subsequently provide prestige and status for the victorious moran within his community. It will also very much help to ‘draw in girls’! One day last week, we […]

A rare ostrich meeting!

After only a little rain, the devastating drought is still ravaging the greater Amboseli ecosystem. The drought is bound to completely change specialized pastoralism, the core of the Maasai’s cultural identity. It is like a wind that blows nobody good. Wildlife of all kinds despite their shapes and sizes are also susceptible to the drought. […]

Our new Lion Guardians on Olgulului

As we reported last week, we have now started up the Lion Guardians program on Olgulului Group Ranch too! Now we thought we should introduce you to some of the new guys who have started working there.. and our first new Guardian to be introduced is called Sumulei Ole Munke. Sumulei represents the “Risa” zone […]

More donations for the Games!

Thank you Sauwah, Brenton and Anna! You have now raised our Lion Guardian Games total to $250! Only $750 more to go! The Lion Guardians are all talking about who will win which event, and which ranch has the better singers, jumpers and stick throwers! All the Guardians from each ranch are deciding on the […]

Owen and Sheri kick off the Lion Guardian Games campaign!

We are delighted that Owen and Sheri Hogle have donated $100, and started the climb up our Lion Guardian Games thermometer! Thank you so much! Let’s try and spread the word about the first ever Lion Guardians Games and Awards, and get to the top as soon as we can! The Games will involve competitions […]

Lion Guardian Games and Awards

As you may know we now have Lion Guardians monitoring and conserving lions on three Group Ranches across the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem – Mbirikani (where the project started), and now Eselenkei and Olgulului Group Ranches. These ranches combined are about 4000km², and hold key habitats for the last remaining lions of southern Kenya. The Guardians are […]