Monthly Archives: December 2009

Lion Guardians busy stopping lion hunts

The Lion Guardian Games that were scheduled to be held between 27th and 29th December have unfortunately had to be postponed to a later date. The current heavy rainfall that is pounding  the Amboseli ecosystem has made some areas no-go zones and has completely blocked access to many places. This is a great blessing for […]

Thank you and Season’s Greetings!

The Lion Guardians would like to say a very big THANK YOU and SEASON’S GREETINGS to all their fantastic blog readers! It has been a very busy but extremely successful year, with the expansion of the project to two more ranches in the Amboseli ecosystem, and the employment and training of 15 new Lion Guardians! […]

Introducing another new Lion Guardian

Lentooma Parsitau is another one of our new Lion Guardians on Olgulului Group Ranch. He represents the lower Risa zone. He is a young Maasai moran with a likeable character. His permanent beaming smiles keep his company happy and lively throughout any discussion. He likes to crack jokes with his age-mates and is a figure […]

Lion Guardians stop lions in their tracks!

A few days ago Lion Guardian Parkesian from Olgulului reported that he had seen 4 lions earlier that day – two adults and two cubs. When we got to Parkesian’s area, the sun was already going down so we hurried to the place he had spotted them. We got the signal of Nempakai, an older lioness […]

We have finally reached our target!

After the sad news about the lion killed in Tanzania, we thought we would bring you some good news… We have finally reached out target of $1000 that we need in order to hold the Lion Guardian Games! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated! We are thrilled that we will be able […]


We have some very sad news to report. Just over the border in Tanzania a lion has been speared to death by Maasai from both Kenya and Tanzania in a joint retaliatory hunting party (Olkiyioi). This happened after the lioness supposedly killed a cow and a donkey. Though the local community didn’t want any authorities […]

Lion Guardians find lucky lion Lomunyak!

Yesterday we got a report that Lion Guardian Mokoi had found the signals of Selenkay and Narika, the 2 female lions that are often found with another lioness, beautiful un-collared lion Elikan. We hadn’t seen Selenkay since she was re-collared a few weeks ago and were eager to catch another glimpse of her. We also […]

Rain and caterpillars!

We are very pleased to tell you that over the last few days the rains have been quite heavy! This is great news – the grass is growing, and the hills and plains are green! We hope this continues for some time, so that the animals, both wild and domestic can become healthy and strong […]

Christmas cards – important!

Can I please remind all those wonderful people who have bought Lion Guardians Christmas cards (particularly Elizabeth W and Erin  A), that you must add a comment to the blog so we have your email address. This is so that we can email you to find out your postal address to send the cards to. […]

An update on our local lions

We have been receiving lots of reports from the Lion Guardians recently about their lion findings. Every time a Lion Guardian finds a track, hears a roar or is lucky enough to see a lion he must phone the report into camp, and now that it has started to rain a little, it seems the […]