Monthly Archives: January 2010

New lion cubs!

We are delighted to report that Mbirikani lioness Nimaoi has had her first litter of three cubs! Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project Biologist Kylie has been keeping a close eye on them, and though Nimaoi has been hiding them away most of the time, she has been able to catch a few glimpses of the cute […]

What lies ahead for the Maasai?

Lion Guardian Coordinator for Olgulului and Eselenkei ranches, Eric Ole Kesoi writes about the future of his people, the Maasai: The devastating drought that has been ravaging the Amboseli ecosystem has drastically reduced the status of the Maasai pastoralist people, who are still primarily rural and strongly livestock-dependant. Anticipating the onset of the rains, many […]

New Lion Guardian stops potential wildlife killer

Samanya is our new Lion Guardian representing the Oloilalei area of Olgulului Group Ranch near Amboseli National Park. He lives and works in this low lying swampy area which is ideally home to several wildlife species. Samanya is quite young and shy but enormously friendly. The eagerness with which he undertakes his community work is […]

Become a fan of the Lion Guardians!

If you are a member of Facebook you may have already joined the Lion Guardians Cause – if not click here to join! Now the Lion Guardians have a Facebook Page too, where you can become a Fan of the Lion Guardians, keep up to date with all their goings on via Facebook, and spread […]

Say hello to another new Lion Guardian!

Medidingi is our new Lion Guardian in the Nchakita area of Olgulului. He represents a zone that acts as an important wildlife corridor and is also the habitat of many lions and other wildlife species. He is a reputable spear thrower and strong Maasai moran, despite his diminutive status! What he lacks in physique, he […]

Lion Guardians see rare python attack!

The Lion Guardians team over in Eselenkei group ranch was out looking for a group of 2 unknown lions that had been reported to us, when we heard strange noises from afar. A few more kilometers further and the noise was suddenly clear, loud and close! With the help of a spotlight, we saw some […]

Read the Lion Guardians Annual Report

We are pleased to announce that the Lion Guardians Annual Report is now available on the Living with Lions website. We have had a fantastic year, expanding our monitoring and community work to two additional group ranches in the Amboseli ecosystem. To read about our successful work over the last year please click here to […]