Monthly Archives: February 2010

The art of tracking!

The Lion Guardians have been conducting ‘spoor counts’ for almost a year now (spoor is a word meaning animal tracks) as part of their weekly routine. Each Guardian has two set routes of roughly 6km long and he walks each route once a week. From the very beginning of the route to the end, the […]

How to donate to the Lion Guardians and where your money goes

I’d like to remind all our blog readers how they can help lion conservation by making donations to the Lion Guardians project on this blog. Every single donation made through the Lion Guardians blog goes towards the project. A lot of the funds raised go towards the project’s daily running costs, such as paying the […]

Lion Guardian Games update

Hello everyone, especially those of you who made donations towards the Lion Guardian Games, which were due to be held between Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately the lack of herbivores and presence of weak cows returning after the drought meant that there was a sudden increase in attacks on livestock by carnivores, and even more […]

KWS move zebras to Amboseli

Amboseli National Park has been severely suffering during the drought that has affected the whole of the Amboseli ecosystem, including Mbirikani, Eselenkei and Olgulului Group Ranches where the Lion Guardians work. Many hundreds, if not thousands of wild herbivores have been dying and moving away from the area, leaving it severely lacking in prey for lions […]

Liz joins Lion Guardians

Thank you to everyone for their fantastic comments on the previous blog – Antony is back! Your encouragement and support is as always greatly appreciated. We would also like to welcome another new face to the Lion Guardians project. Liz Carabine has joined the ever growing Lion Guardians team to manage the project as well […]

Antony is back!

It has been a month since I left Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. I have really enjoyed the past four weeks, being with my family and picking up from where I left last. Here I am at Oxford University. How different the two places are! One of the most important things to me was […]