Monthly Archives: March 2010

Conflict is high, final chance to donate through Wildlife Direct

Hello and thank you to all our blog readers and Wildlife Direct donors. This is the final day of making donations through Wildlife Direct, so please give generously! From 1st April donations through this blog will be directed through our partners Panthera. Through them we will get the full 100% of your donations, which is […]

IMPORTANT changes to how you donate to Lion Guardians

From 30th March onwards, Wildlife Direct will no longer be accepting donations on behalf of the conservation groups that blog with them, like the Lion Guardians. But don’t worry! You will still be able to get all the latest news from the lions and their Guardians right here on the Lion Guardians Wildlife Direct blog, […]

Peaceful elections – now that’s the way to do it!

Eselenkei and Olgulului’s Lion Guardians Coordinator Eric, tells about the committee elections on Eselenkei Group Ranch, and why they are so different and special. Eselenkei Group Ranch was officially declared in 1983. It covers 74,794 hectares and has around 2000 registered members. It is communally owned, predominantly by pastoralist Maasai and is situated to the […]

A drag of lion evidence

During the Lion Guardians’ duties of monitoring lions around their communities and surrounding zones, their skills and knowledge are fine tuned to locate evidence of these predators, which would remain unseen to the untrained eye. Evidence of lions can come in a variety of ways, for example hearing them roar at night and following that […]

Children learn about Lion Guardians

Pupils at a school in the UK were given a talk and slideshow about the Lion Guardians project, by Lion Guardians team members Amy and Philip. They told them about the problems that lions are facing in Maasailand, and also about the Maasai people, their way of life, and why there is conflict between the Maasai […]

The limping lion

For a few days, we kept on receiving reports about a problematic limping lion. He has been sighted several times and is known to have an appetite for livestock meat. Not good news! His story is very interesting though…. Many years ago, before conservation moved into the area, a pride of lions killed several goats […]

A blog from Antony – the tough task ahead

This is my first month back in the office and a lot is happening. I have heard that lots of lions are being killed in the south of Olgulului. This area has no Lion Guardians to monitor lions and other carnivores presently. Partly because we are looking for funds to expand the project to this […]

Another angry lion hunting party is stopped

Eric, the Lion Guardian coordinator on Eselenkei and Olgulului group ranches gives us the latest news from what is still a battlefield between lion and Maasai: In what has become a daily occurrence over the last two months, our Lion Guardians team has yet again worked together with our conservation partners to stop a lion […]