Monthly Archives: April 2010

Another lioness is speared, but the worst is behind us

Eric tells us about the sad second spearing of a lioness on Mbirikani, but brings us the good news that calm is now retuning to the area: The Maasai community has been known since time immemorial to be completely dependant on their livestock. The love they attach to their livestock is second to none and […]

Narika’s cubs nowhere to be found

After Narika’s spearing we had a little hope that her 3 young cubs might live, but they were less than a month old and would only be able to survive if one of the other females in the pride – either Selenkay or Elikan, who both also had young cubs adopted them. The cubs were […]

Pride male Lomunyak in constant search for Narika

This is Eric reporting from the field after the sad death of lioness Narika: In what has truly broken my heart, Lomunyak the proud male lion of Narika’s small pride and father of her cubs has been tirelessly looking for her after she was killed. Lomunyak’s tracks have been found practically all over his territory, revealing a strong […]


Lion Guardians Coordinator Eric writes on a very sad day for Lion Guardians: My fear has been validated, and I have some very sad news to report. A beautiful lioness called Narika, who has 3 cubs less than a month old has been speared to death. We received this devastating news after our Lion Guardians […]