Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lion Guardians in TIME!

As well as appearing in Times Square, the plight of lions in Kenya and the work of the Lion Guardians feature in an article in TIME. Farmers vs. Lions: A Battle to the Death in Kenya by Nick Wadhams describes the human-wildlife conflict issues that projects like the Lion Guardians are working to mitigate. To […]

Lion Guardians find 6 lions and a leopard!

Eric tells us of another successful day for the Lion Guardians: Yesterday we received 2 interesting reports from Lion Guardians on Mbirikani –  Mushaga and Kapande. We started off the day by responding to Kapande’s report of a lion that he had tracked on foot. We met Kapande and with radio tracking gear we immediately […]

Lions in Times Square!

For the next 62 days, Panthera who support the work of the Lion Guardians, will bring attention to the plight of wild cats by showing a video on the billboard in Times Square! For the remaining days of this campaign, any donation you make to Panthera to save wild cats will be matched dollar for […]

Lions and their cubs doing well!

Eric tells us how well the two beautiful lionesses Selenkay and Elikan are doing: Despite the sudden demise of their friend Narika, Selenkay and Elikan have been doing just fine. They must have initially been shocked and surprised at the unexplained absence of their sister but they seem to have settled well into life without […]

Lomunyak is back (and we reveal a secret about him!)

Lion Guardian Eric tells us of his joy at hearing the news that mighty male lion Lomunyak has returned to his territory: After disappearing for 3 whole weeks without trace, Lomunyak has returned back to his territory in Mbirikani Group Ranch. Maybe he was upset and shocked by the sudden absence of Narika and decided […]

The return to normality

Lion Guardians coordinator Eric writes about the return to calm and normality after what has been a hectic and difficult time for all of us: After the recent tragedies on Mbirikani Group Ranch with the deaths of the lionesses Narika and Mbeuti, we are proud to announce the return to normality in the ecosystem. Stakeholders […]