Monthly Archives: June 2010

An update on Nimaoi’s cubs and ostrich for dinner!

As we reported back in January, Mbirikani lioness Nimaoi had her first litter of 3 cubs, with the suspected father being Kasaiyo. Here they are at the beginning of the year.   Since then, one sadly seems to have disappeared, leaving a male and a female cub for Nimaoi to look after, and we are […]

Missing cubs – an update!

You may remember the sad events of a few months ago that led to the spearing of the lioness Mbeuti, who was attacked by the new young moran age group, during a very difficult period for Mbirikani. We reported that Mbeuti’s 2 cubs that were with her at the time, fled from the attackers and […]

Snakes and lions

As well as lions, we are coming across a lot of snakes at the moment. The Lion Guardians have been spotting them in holes, up trees and in grass, others on the road, and even one flying through the sky – read more to find out how! Late one evening while the Lion Guardians team […]

A very cute little cub!

Yesterday we received a report from Lion Guardians Meingati and Lentooma in northern Olgulului, that they had found the tracks of two lionesses together with a set of very small tracks. With their tracking equipment they picked up the signal of the collared lioness Nempakai, who often visits Amboseli National Park, and when we drove […]

A lion update from Mbirikani

Now that the worst of the human-wildlife conflict seems to be over we thought we would give you some news of the lions on Mbirikani. The lionesses Elikan and Selenkay who are usually seen together with their 4 cubs are doing very well and we are pleased to report that they are still staying away […]

Lion Guardian wedding!

Though a lot of a Lion Guardian’s life is spent protecting lions and reducing conflicts between their communities and carnivores, on their days off they get on with their normal lives like any other Maasai, herding their cattle or going to market to buy food and supplies for their family.   Today though was no […]

Nosieki’s pride doing well despite the recent drought

The prolonged drought that finished earlier this year had an effect on practically everything. The worst affected were herbivores, both wild and domesticated. Wildebeest and zebra, the main prey species for lions, drastically reduced in number and at the height of drought, carnivores were having a field day as they fed on these weak herbivores, […]