Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sikiria the wandering lion returns

Sikiria the lion is known well by all the Lion Guardians. He was first discovered in Eselenkai in October last year and was aptly named Sikiria (meaning ‘donkey’ in Maa) due to an incident when he and his three other male companions killed a number of donkeys. Since October of last year he and his […]

Cubs battle hunger and lion hunts to survive!

Hi, this is Eric. Recently we told you the news that two young male lions had been spotted by Lion Guardian Lenkina in the same area that Mbeuti and her cubs used to live in. After the sad spearing of Mbeuti by the new age-set of morans back in March, her two 13-month old male […]

Lion Guardians find two magnificent male lions

Hi everyone. This is Eric. Our team was out in the field visiting the southern Olgulului area where we hope to expand the Lion Guardians project to. The community members came out in good numbers to meet our team and seemed very pleased with our plans for expansion into their area. On seeing satisfaction written […]

Goodbye Antony!

We have some news for you – Antony Kasanga has recently left the Lion Guardians project, but he is still working to protect the wildlife of the ecosystem – he now works for our friends at the Maasailand Preservation Trust (MPT). After he finished secondary school Antony started working for Living with Lions, where he […]

Lion Guardian Games!

As you may remember, we were planning to hold the Lion Guardian Games at the very end of last year, but we had to postpone them for a number of reasons – firstly due to major floods, which meant that the Guardians could not attend, but also because the depletion of herbivores and the presence […]

The mystery of the missing shoe

Foolishly I left my shoes outside my tent in the Eselenkei Lion Guardians camp overnight. The next morning I woke up to find only the left one remaining. Perplexed, I investigated the scene to discover what had happened. It became quickly evident that an elephant had come through in the night.   But why would […]