Monthly Archives: August 2010

Meat eating and conservation!

The Maasai community is known all over the world as livestock keepers. This is their main source of wealth and it has sustained them since time immemorial. To a Maasai, eating meat is a very special thing, almost a preoccupation. And actually, if you pay a visit to a friend and he slaughters a goat […]

Male lions cause Lion Guardians to worry as cubs go missing

We recently received a report from one of the Lion Guardians that several male lion tracks had been found together on Mbirikani. We wanted to know who the individuals were and quickly went to investigate. On reaching the site, we found a lion party in progress! Three very big male lions and two females were […]

Lion Guardians Football and Awards!

We told you last week of some of the events of the first ever Lion Guardian Games. Now we will tell you about the other events, which included football, a game that was new to many of the Guardians, especially as the majority of them have never been to school.  Excitement and questions about how […]

Finally! The Lion Guardian Games!

The long awaited Lion Guardian Games has eventually taken place! It was a fantastic event, and the Lion Guardians had a brilliant time competing and getting to know each other. We would like to thank everyone who made a donation towards this event – it was a wonderful occasion, and really brought the Lion Guardians […]