Monthly Archives: September 2010


A few days ago we received a report from Lion Guardian Timoine who works in northern Olgululi, not far from Amboseli National Park. He had found the tracks of 2 female lions and 5 cubs! In the past we had heard similar reports from Lion Guardian Parkesian, who is in the neighbouring zone to Timoine, […]

Lion Guardians project expands again!

After requests from Group Ranch officials, community leaders and other stakeholders in the Amboseli ecosystem, we are proud to inform you that we have now expanded the Lion Guardians project  into another new area in the Amboseli ecosystem – Southern Olgulului! This area stretches along the Kenya-Tanzania border, South of Amboseli National Park, and acts […]

The great search for a lion collar

One of the types of collars that are put on lions in order to track them is a kind that is set to drop off the lion on a particular date. One of our male lions, Maringa, had one of these collars, and as the date of ‘drop off’ became closer, it was critical to […]

Conflict increases between lions and livestock

Hello to all our readers, and sorry the Lion Guardians blog has been quiet for a while. We are all extremely busy right now, as conflict between lions and livestock owners is at an extremely high level at the moment, especially on Eselenkei and Olgulului Group Ranches. The Guardians and Coordinators are working hard to calm angry […]

The elephant shoe thief returns

You might remember that a while ago a rather inquisitive elephant took a liking to one of my shoes, which I had foolishly left outside my tent one night. The elephant took it into the bush and investigated it thoroughly before deciding that it was inedible and threw it away into a thorn tree, where […]

Male lion eats ostrich alive!

A few days ago we received a report that a lone male lion had injured one donkey and three cows and killed another cow in Mbirikani. All this from just two bomas. We followed his tracks on foot for 15 kilometers without any diversion or rest, eager to find out who this male lion was […]