Monthly Archives: October 2010

We find the missing lion!

Sikiria is an interesting lion. He has the kind of collar which means that once we find him, we can download all the GPS details of where he has been, without having to do more than press a few buttons! It sounds easy! BUT Sikiria loves to roam far and wide, and we haven’t been […]

Kapande gets a sponsor!

We would like to say a big thank you to blog reader and supporter Kate who is now sponsoring Lion Guardian Kapande from Mbirikani Group Ranch. Kapande has been working for the Lion Guardians project since 2007 and has been a great asset to the project over the years. When he was first hired his […]

Identify this animal!

Today, we received a report from one of our newly selected Lion Guardians from Southern Olgulului – Parkepu. He saw a male waterbuck that was killed by a lone male lion in the morning. We promptly responded as is always the case. We went to the site and saw the carcass. The lion had only […]

New warriors blessing ceremony

The traditional blessings of the new moran (or warrior) age-set called Iltuati took place recently at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is a traditional blessing ceremony that must be undergone by every Maasai age-set at the beginning of its transition to the next stage of life. It was meant to have been held last […]

Elephant chases lions and other animal activity!

During our expansion to Southern Olgulului, on the way back from a visit to Amboseli National Park’s headquarters we found a baboon acting like a traffic policeman! He was sitting in the middle of the road and stayed there for half an hour with vehicles passing right by him. It was a fascinating sight. You […]