Monthly Archives: November 2010

Male lion kills a huge eland!

We were called yesterday by Lion Guardian Masarie who had just come across a huge eland kill, and the tracks of a big male lion. He reported that it was a fresh kill and that not much had been eaten, so we rushed to the scene, hoping to find out who had made this massive […]

My most scary moment!

Throughout my life as a moran and as a conservationist, I have had close encounters with many different species of wildlife. Most encounters especially with lions have been very serious. But I have never really felt both scared and defenseless at the same time. I always had a plan B, but not yesterday. First, after […]

Selenkay Conservancy full of life!

After a brief dry spell which began around June this year, some areas within the Amboseli ecosystem are now experiencing rain. The dry spell was very mild and in contrast to the devastating drought experienced in the last two years, very few pastoralists moved their livestock to temporary settlements as there was still plenty of […]

Another warrior to protect lions

The forthcoming age-set transition and the entry of the new moran age-group has been in our minds for some time now. While wanting to combine both experience and youth together we have been trying to identify hard working youthful morans who will gel very quickly with the new moran age-set. One of the new youthful Lion […]

Meet brave Ngida, another new Lion Guardian

Of all the new Lion Guardians in Southern Olgulului, the most likeable character is Ngida. Being a past lion killer, his bravery is reported far and wide beyond his immediate zone. He is a leader in his own right, largely due to his ability to read and write in a zone that is situated in […]

Lion Guardian Games video!

You might remember that we held the Lion Guardian Games back in July. The Games took place on the expansive Mbirikani plains and were held in order to bring all the Guardians from the 3 Group Ranches together, to meet and get to know one another, and share their stories of the lions that roam […]

Meet another lion saver – Metito!

In Maasai moran Metito’s community a lion jumped into a boma at night and killed a cow and a donkey. The lion was speared by angry morans, but escaped with a serious injury and could not go far from the boma. The following morning the morans from the boma wanted to finish off from where […]

Meet our 2nd new Guardian Jackson

Jackson represents the conflict prone Imarba zone which has experienced several lion killing incidents in the past. This zone lies on the Southern border with Tanzania and apart from lion killing, poaching activities have also been reported, where different wildlife species have been snared and slaughtered on a large scale. In fact just last week […]

Introducing our new Lion Guardians!

Now that the expansion to Southern Olgulului is complete, we thought we should introduce you to the fine young men who will be protecting the lions of this area and reducing conflict between people and predators. One of the most useful additions to the Lion Guardians team is Maen Koole. He represents the Ngararampuni zone […]

Lion Guardians find lions and injured zebra

As we try to establish the details of the lions residing in Southern Olguluui we were fortunate enough to see one of the largest prides in Southern Olgulului, comprising 3 females and 9 cubs. We found them in a grassy area looking visibly hungry. The cubs are almost one year old and portraying the playful […]