Monthly Archives: December 2010

2010 in Review

The beginning of 2010 marked an extremely difficult time for our Lion Guardians. First, a prolonged devastating drought wiped out over half of the herbivore population – both domestic and wild. Livestock, which are the backbone of the Maasai economy, were drastically reduced by both the drought and the subsequent diseases which affected the survivors […]

An interesting turn-out at a call-in

Recently, we have received several reports from our Lion Guardians and the Selenkay Conservancy game scouts of a male lion calling.  Our Lion Guardian team decided to do a “call-in” in an attempt to identify the lion. To do a call-in, we  play a variety of animal calls over a loudspeaker at night such as […]

Lion Guardian reports young male lion near camp

Yesterday Lion Guardian Leparakou reported that the male sub adult lion Managop has been spending a lot of time near to the Eselenkei Lion Guardians camp, which is close to Porini Camp in the Selenkay Conservancy.   Managop usually associates with his companion, another sub adult male called Loosiron, but it seems they are spending […]

Map of male lion’s amazing travels!

We told you a while ago that with the help of Lion Guardians Mokoi and Kisimir we had finally found male lion Sikiria, who likes to wander far and wide. We were able to download his movements from his collar and we are pleased to tell you we now have the results mapped out for […]

Lion Guardians find elusive male lion!

The other day our Lion Guardians team went out to respond to a report from several Lion Guardians and members of the public, that a male lion has been constantly heard roaring within the Selenkay Conservancy. The team, which included Lion Guardians Kamunu and Lopono did ‘call in’ (playing sounds to attract the lion with […]