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The Mara Predator Project Blog

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The Living With Lions Annual Report is now available!

Living With Lions, the parent organization of Lion Guardians, has several other projects operating in Kenya, in addition to Lion Guardians!  Please read LWL’s annual report, which we have just posted to our website, to learn more about these great projects!  And please remember that we rely on your support to finance these projects, so […]

Moranism will always be there

Since the beginning of this year, a new age-group is being prepared for eventual installment as the official Moran age-group. Circumcision ceremonies have been going on throughout Maasailand for boys who have reached maturity age. This is the stage where a boy proves to all and sundry that he is ready and willing to face […]

The KLCP lion tracking website is up and running!

We are happy to announce that the KLCP lion tracking website is up and running! We currently monitor 4 lions (1 male -Sikiria and 3 females – Birdie, Selenkay & Nosioki) with GPS collars on the website. Thanks to a generous donation from Original Godal Productions, KLCP & MPT are now able to closely […]

Birdie’s three new cubs

After receiving reports of lion tracks from our lion guardians, our team went to verify. Upon reaching the site of the tracks, we did call-in and awaited with excitement. After a brief period of silence, we heard some little meows that grew louder as time went by. It was clear that whichever lion was approaching, […]

Lone lion kills a giraffe

We have seen lions bring down different prey species from A to Z – from aardvark, antelopes, elands ostrich, wildebeest to zebras.  But two days ago it was a different story.  A lone male lion jumped on the back of a mature male giraffe, devoured the tendons and was dragged on for over 500 meters […]

Lions aren’t the only carnivore affected by poison

Fossil records reveal that more than 20 hyena species roamed the earth as recently as 10 million years ago but most of these species are now extinct.  Currently, only four extant members of the carnivore Hyaenidae exist, the spotted, brown and striped hyenas, and aardwolves.  Brown hyenas are only found in South Africa, while striped […]