Monthly Archives: April 2011

An update from the LWL Mara Predator Project

While Eric is away, we thought you might enjoy some updates from the Living With Lions Mara Predator Project.  Click here to read the most recent MPP Blog.

Eric is in Tanzania!

The Lion Guardians program has been extremely successful at preventing lion deaths, and we have received many requests from other countries to tell them more about it.  This month, the Lion Guardians Blog will be on a brief hiatus while Eric is investigating the plausibility of expanding the Lion Guardians program to Tanzania.  We can’t […]

Sikiria’s price of double courtship

Sikiria is one of our favourite collared lions with interesting movement patterns. He has travelled no less than 5,635 kms before settling in one area in Oltiasika. His area of choice has all the characteristic and positive factors for a lion’s permanent territory. It is abuzz with different prey species not to mention its proximity […]