Monthly Archives: August 2011

Help support the Lion Guardian Games!

We are getting close to the 2nd Annual Lion Guardian Games.  We have raised $505 of the $1,000 needed to cover the costs of the games (food, accommodation and prizes), but still need your help to raise the difference.  Please help us show the Lion Guardians our appreciation for their hard work over the past year.  We […]

New Kids On The Block

When Lion Guardian Noah from the Ol Donyo Wuas zone of Mbirikani came himself directly to our base camp to deliver his report personally, we knew immediately that he was excited about something. He had found tracks of three young male lions just close to Ol Donyo Lodge and had followed them to the place […]

It’s almost time for the 2nd Annual Lion Guardian Games!

Many of you will remember that last year we held the first ever Lion Guardian Games! We even made a reel of the highlights! Well it’s time to get excited! We are gearing up for the second Lion Guardian Games!! As you may know we have Lion Guardians monitoring and conserving lions on three Group […]

Cubs, cubs, everywhere!

We are very excited! We have just confirmed the 7th set of cubs under 6 months old within Lion Guardian areas!!!! That means that every adult female in our study area is currently with offspring! We’ve never documented such an occurrence before. It seems there is a lot of hope for the future!!!