Monthly Archives: September 2011

Eselenkei Scoops Major Awards in Second Annual Lion Guardian Games

The much anticipated second annual Lion Guardian games took place on the sweeping plains of Ol Donyo Wuas. With the mood and expectations high, the Lion Guardians were first instructed on the program for the games and the rules governing each event. The first event, the 100 meter dash was breathtaking! After several qualification heats, […]

Another Lion Is Killed In Tanzania

For several weeks , Kip (a collared male lion that lives around Amboseli N. P.) has terrorized Maasai bomas on the Tanzania border. After killing livestock in Tanzania on several consecutive nights, it was clear there was a predictable pattern.  He has been the target of several hunts but has luckily escaped unscathed.  However, the […]

Eco-Sys Action sponsors the Lion Guardian Games

Thank you so much to all of the Lion Guardian fans (Kate, Anna, Jacqueline, Brenton, Sylvia, Patti, Eugene, Marianne and our many BIGCATS texters), who have given us their support so that we could hold the Second Annual Lion Guardian Games. In addition to their support, we have received a generous donation from Eco-Sys Action. […]

Birdie gave us a good scare!

We had quite a scare last week. As you know, Birdie has new cubs.  If you animate her tracks on, you will see that she goes out every day but always returns home to the cubs.  Well, last week she spent four days in a different location, and we were not picking up any […]