Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nosioki’s male cub still alive

After our female lion Nosioki and her female cub were poisoned in Osewan in Matapato outside our jurisdiction, we thought that was the end for this pride. The white poisonous substance obtained from Tanzania that was used is so lethal; we thought nothing will be spared. The male cub that survived was barely a year […]

Frequent sighting of leopards in Selenkay Conservancy

Long ago, there use to be many leopards in the area of Eselenkei Group Ranch but due to various reasons their numbers have declined, and they have become completely scarce. Unlike cheetahs that are found in big numbers, and can be seen during the day, leopards are extremely elusive and are hard to see. Being […]

Biggest pride resides in Eselenkei

For survival reasons, lions outside protected areas hang out in groups of between two to three. By splitting, they stand better chances of survival from persecution after depredation of livestock. However, for the first time in the history of Eselenkei conservancy, a pride of eleven resides in it. Our female lioness Selenkay, has had two […]