Monthly Archives: February 2012

Re-union with Sikiria

Sikiria is a male lion that initially baffled us with his movement patterns. However, since arriving at Mbirikani, he has found a perfect area to settle in. Oltiasika is an ideal lion habitat which is full of prey, water, enough females and has one of the best places to hide, the lava. Apart from engaging […]

Giraffe: a cross between a camel and a leopard?

Kenya is thought to be the epicenter of giraffe evolution since it is the only country in the world which is home to three subspecies; Rothschild, Reticulated and Maasai giraffe. It is understood that giraffe once roamed freely across the greater Rift Valley but decades of persecution, increased human settlement and accelerated habitat loss have […]

Large concentration of lions in fatal habitat

Osewan is a re-known thicket that extends well beyond the jurisdiction of Lion Guardians. The Maasai section that inhabit most of this area are called Matapato and are yet to benefit from the fruits of conservation, thus highly intolerant to predators that kill their livestock. This is the same area in which one of our […]

Champion eagerly awaits the Lion Guardian Games

It was a normal day like any other for Lion Guardian Mingati Makarot form Olbili zone. He woke-up early enough to see the tracks of different wildlife species before they were destroyed by passing cattle. Before long, he saw tracks of 2 big male lions. He suspected who they might belong to, but wanted to […]

The Lion Guardians 2011 Annual Report is ready!

Greetings! We are pleased to present you the Lion Guardians 2011 Summary Report, which can be downloaded here. The full length Annual Report (1.3MB) can be found here. We have had an incredible year, and have started initial expansions of our lion monitoring and conflict mitigation work in Tanzania. We look forward to hearing any […]