Monthly Archives: April 2012

Lion Guardians Program wins St. Andrews Prize for the Environment

We are pleased to announce that the Lion Guardians Program has been awarded the highly prestigious St Andrews Prize for the Environment in recognition of our innovative approach to lion conservation in southern Kenya. Executive Director Dr. Leela Hazzah travelled to Scotland on behalf of the Lion Guardians Team to receive the prize. The prize […]

Hyenas on the rampage

Since late last year and the beginning of this year, conflict levels have drastically reduced. Lion attacks on livestock have been few and far in between and this has made the work of various stakeholders within the Amboseli ecosystem, including our Lion Guardians, a bit easy. However, hyenas, the most hated animal by any pastoralist, […]

Nemasi’s first cow

It was a bright afternoon when we decided to follow up on a Lion Guardian’s report about Nemasi’s signal. After going through a very hard and stony area along the foot of Lemuna hill, and with the signal very clear, we saw a carcass of in the distance. At first, we thought it was an […]

Proud of Birdie’s pride

Birdie Naape has been known by the Lion Guardians since 2004. Her Maasai name ‘Naape’ was given to her by the Lion Guardians monitoring her because she moves large distances on regular occasions across her home range. When Birdie and her daughters Nempirbil and Nanyorri gave birth to a combined total of 9 cubs, we […]