Monthly Archives: May 2012

Check out our new website at!

We’ve launched our new website, but now need people to visit the website so that it will show up in search engines. Please click the link and visit the site. It is still a work in progress, and we are slowly continuing to add and edit content, so come back and visit often! If […]

Unsuccessful lion hunt

Lions in the Osewan area have been killing livestock consecutively for some time now. A few days ago, the new Moran age-set could stand it no more. They spread the word and summoned their age-mates, and went out on a hunt for the lions concerned. Lion Guardians heard about this in time for us to […]

New cubs for Nimaoi!

We have suspected Nimaoi to have had a new litter of cubs for sometime now. But every time we try to approach her to confirm our suspicion, we found her without any. Usually we found her with her older sub-adults. We had seen tracks of cubs several times, but actually confirming their existence by getting […]