Monthly Archives: July 2012

Conflict and politics in Amboseli

Human-wildlife conflict in any pastoralist environment is inevitable and has existed since time immemorial therefore Amboseli ecosystem is no exception. The negotiations leading to the creation of the Amboseli National Park in the early 1970’s were not smooth and due to the political tensions and resulting hunting, the rhino population was decimated. In the early […]

And the award goes to..

This year’s awards for the Lion Guardian games were divided into six categories. The most reliable award went to Leparakuo Shuaka from Eselenkei. He was rewarded for being quick to respond to conflicts, effective monitoring of his zone, readiness to work at all hours of the day, finding 4 lost young herders and for his […]

Third Annual Lion Guardian Games!

The third annual Lion Guardian Games were held on the expansive plains of Oldoinyo-Wuas among the foothills of the Chyulu range. Lion Guardians were looking forward to this day with great anticipation and excitement and they were not disappointed. True to its nature, the games lived up to their usual competitive billing. Drawn from all corners […]

The end of a legend

In September 2009, we received an unusual report from our Lion Guardian Kamunu. His report was of a group of 4 male lions of the same age traversing through the Selenkay conservancy. We had never had such a big group of males traveling together so we gave instructions for them to be closely followed. We […]