Monthly Archives: November 2012

Barabaig Lion Guardians in Ruaha, Tanzania – “Ngadida”

By Victoria Shelley, Ruaha The Lion Guardians expansion into Ruaha is an exciting collaboration between Lion Guardians, the Ruaha Carnivore Project and Panthera. Ruaha National Park in central Tanzania is Tanzania’s largest national park (22,200 km2) and home to an estimated 3,500 lions. The sheer size of the protected area offers the cats some protection […]

Shaka seriously injures a murran in Tanzania

It has now been more than two months since we began our expansion into the Sinya area in Tanzania. This has been a conflict prone area for a very long time and over decades of the Amboseli ecosystem lions that have crossed into Tanzania have been killed in this stretch over the past many years. […]

Lion killed at the border

Warning: Graphic photos below Lions know no boundaries and they usually cross the Kenyan-Tanzania border as they wish.  A few weeks ago, the sub-adult males from Nooldoinyo’s pride crossed into Tanzania. They settled in an area called Oldepe where there was a concentration of temporary settlements mostly inhabited by Morans (warriors) with their family livestock […]

Lion Guardians Newsletter

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Lucky leopard day in Selenkay

Leopards have for a very long time had been considered by many to be an extinct species in Eselenkei Group Ranch. Since the creation of the Selenkay conservancy, many species have made it their refuge. Elephants, which have been absent here for a period of 20 years prior to the creation of the conservancy, are […]

Willy’s new cubs

The Lion Guardians team has seen signs indicating that Lioness Willy, whose territory is Lake Amboseli and its surroundings, recently had cubs. However, in all of our recent sightings, she has been accompanied by her usual companion Shiankiki and two others; we have not seen her with cubs. About one month ago, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) […]