Monthly Archives: August 2013

Lion Guardians celebrates World Lion Day

To celebrate World Lion Day Lion Guardians held an event at Naor-Enkare Primary school neighboring our Central camp. We organized a very successful film day attended by over 130 school pupils and community members including women.

Help us celebrate World Lion Day on August 10, 2013

Organized to bring greater attention to the plight of the lion, August 10th has been designated as “World Lion Day.” On this day, individuals and groups are encouraged to take an action that demonstrates their interest and support in protecting the world’s remaining lions.

Culture without borders

Pastoralism as a lifestyle is shared and practiced by several communities around the world. The main activity shared by all of them though, revolves around livestock production. This, to all pastoralists, is the main common trait and anything else, including language, cultural practices, belief system or organizational structures, can be different. When we expanded the […]

The Lion Guardians Community Film

We have completed the film about the Lion Guardians program that will be shown to communities interested in this model of alleviating lion-livestock conflict.